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Snorkeling VS Scuba Diving – 6 Key Differences

Snorkeling VS Scuba Diving – 6 Key Differences

If you wonder whether scuba diving or snorkeling is more adventurous, you need to know that both of them are splendid underwater activities to perform. For lovers of the ocean, who want to explore adventurous watersports, you can either choose snorkeling or scuba diving in Maui for beginners. 

Both the fun activities underwater will allow you to explore coral reefs, swim alongside incredible marines, and influence you to make relishing memories for a lifetime. 

After that, both of these watersports (snorkeling and scuba diving) have techniques for a breath-in while under the water, which is important to survive.

For having the best scuba diving in Maui, you also need to get equipped with safety scuba gears to create some amazing memories and wear masks to stay protected. But, that’s where the real similarities end and greatly vary in the way to perform each watersports. 

To be specific, snorkeling requires a mask and snorkel while under the water, and scuba diving needs a more complex set of gear for taking scuba diving in Maui, Hawaii. 

It further requires an autonomous gas supply for breathing throughout the diving. Aside from that, how do they differ from each other? Keep on reading with us to explore more about both the fun underwater activities. 

Snorkeling VS Scuba Diving – Key Differences

The following are common points of differences that make snorkeling and scuba equally interesting and challenging for the beginners –


For taking the best-in-category scuba diving lessons in Maui, you will need to manage a lot more equipment compared to snorkeling. From buoyancy compensator to scuba gloves, scuba tank, dive computer, and fins, you need to arrange all while performing scuba under the water. But for snorkeling, you will only need a diving mask to cover your eyes and nose, a diving tube, and a pair of fins (optional)


If you want to explore caves, shipwrecks, and a much greater depth, think of taking the best scuba diving in Maui that’s done for recreational activities. But for high-trained divers, scuba is commonly used for commercial purposes, military diving operations, and offshore construction. Meanwhile, snorkeling will enable you to observe marine plants, coral reefs, and different types of fish from beneath the surface of the water. 

Breathing Technique

Another key difference between both the fun underwater activities is – while performing snorkeling, swimmers can easily hold their breath. But, holding of breath is extremely risky on scuba and can lead to death. That’s why it is significant to know the breathing techniques to take both snorkeling and scuba diving for beginners. 

Risk Factors

If you want to actually judge, snorkeling is relatively safe and risk-free than scuba diving. But there’s also the risk of scrapes and cuts from corals, rocks, jellyfish stings, and other possible injuries from both of these adventurous underwater activities. Scuba diving is also marked with some real-life danger if you aren’t prepared for the property with the right safety kit.  

Duration Underwater

If you want to compare, scuba diving with a tank will enable you to stay underwater for longer than snorkeling, which isn’t much risk to perform. As long as you want to stay under the water, you can choose snorkeling as an ideal option. Until the diving tank runs out of gas supply, you can simply explore more and more with scuba diving in Maui for beginners.  

Skills Required

To perform snorkeling without any risks, make sure you are an experienced swimmer with repeated breath-holding talents to explore reefs deeper than 12-feet. But, performing scuba diving will need some serious training to keep diving throughout Maui. If you aren’t certified in scuba, you are recommended to take scuba diving lessons in Maui before thinking of diving. 

To choose the right watersports, you must’ve got a solid idea about what you can perform with your existing swimming skills and what are your expectations to go underwater. Regardless of the fun underwater activity, you choose to perform, you need to prioritize your safety to make some more adventurous experiences. 

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